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17/10/2017Prix Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe 2017

The Award Jury composed of a Landscape Architect from each of the five IFLA regions, and the Secretary General of ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) who served as a guest member of the Jury, agreed with the nomination statement, that "Dirk has made, and makes, remarkable contributions to the profession, and the main quality of these contributions is that they redefine the profession, its borders, its strategy and its position”.

Coming from an Architectural background, and then working as a spatial planner, Dirk Sijmons is well placed to see Landscape as a mirror of society and as a living coproduction between nature and man; this relationship has been his lifelong fascination.

You can read the full details of the award and the immense  contribution Dirk has made to the profession on the IFLA website here.